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Introducing the ultimate premium cigars, born in Cuba and handcrafted to perfection in Nicaragua with premium tobacco leaves from the fields of Esteli.
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Double Corona

The Double Corona is the stuff of legends. So when it’s time to relax around an open fire, whip out your guillotine and cement another indelible memory. That’s the power of a fine cigar.

When you have a couple of hours to linger over a smoke and marvel at how its flavour and power develops so smoothly during three distinct phases, you want to be sure you’re holding the right cigar, this cigar. It’s a premium Nicaraguan cigar crafted with 100% Nicaraguan filler and binder tobacco selected for its strong, bold flavours (8/10) with a kick of spice encased in an exquisite wrapper from Ecuador to deliver just the right oomph (6/10 strength).

NameMerchant Cigar Double Corona
VitolaDouble Corona
Length7.5″ (192mm)
Ring Gauge50 (19.84mm) 

Cigars per box: 20